Why customer centricity is important for maritime suppliers

Customer centric companies are performing better

Customer centric companies base their strategy and decisions on a shared understanding of the before, during and after of the customer’s journey and have gained insights in what type of benefits their customers want to get from using their products and services. These customer insights result in the following benefits for the organization:

  • Better internal collaboration because there is greater customer awareness and a shared understanding of customer requirements
  • Effective use of the sales and marketing budget because their strategy, sales and marketing plans and roadmap are determined based on customer insight.
  • Winning and differentiated value propositions that are based on fact-based segments and personas.
  • Lower acquisition costs through smarter lead generation and because their business development is based on a good understanding of their customer journey
  • Sustainable business success through long-term customer relationships and increased customer loyalty

The maritime industry definitely gains from becoming more customer focused. Eventhough this sector consists of many different sub-sectors and each has its own market drivers, there is something all companies in every sub-sector have in common: they want to sustain and preferably grow business.

Keeping a close eye on what your customers require (now and in the future) helps you to perform better in areas as:


Knowledge and timing are everthing.

Do you get to your customers' decision table early enough to influence the technical specification and leave competition behind? Marinellity has (predictive) analytics tools and research techniques that identify market opportunities very early in the planning process. Know what your customer wants (even before they do). Your benefits: Smarter insights. Smarter use of time. Smarter sales planning. Smarter offering.

More relevant

Winning value propositions.

Do you feel you miss orders, because your value proposition was not spot on? At Marinellity, we think it is more important to stay close to your customers than to closely watch your competitors. By listening to your customers and step in to their shoes you learn a lot about what it is they want and expect from you. Your benefits: Relevant portfolio. Winning value propositions. Innovative business models. Strategic Partnerships.

Sell better

Sustainable business.

Who are the strong prospects, those that are likely to buy, and how can you reach them? Marinellity ensures you understand your customers' preferences, you define a clear target group, collect behavioral data, and identify those channels through which to reach this target group. Your benefits: Better prices. Better spending by customers. Better margins. Lower acquisition costs.

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