The customer as the driving force behind business success

MARINELLITY is a professional consultancy organization for Marketing Planning and Customer Experience Management.  It is founded by Marièlle Butter-Timmermans. She started MARINELLITY because of her belief in the force of the customer as the main driver behind business success and her fascination for manufacturing companies in general and the maritime industry in particular.

What’s in the name

The name MARINELLITY is a combination of the name of the founder Marièlle and her intention of bringing the reality of customers in the marine industry inside organizations to help organizations sustain their business and identify new pockets of growth.

About Marièlle Butter-Timmermans

Marièlle is an experienced strategic marketing and certified customer experience professional and has worked in several industries sharing her knowledge and expertise. Because of her long experience in the maritime industry, her heart belongs to this industry, and her work doesn’t limit itself to this sector. Her passion is listening to people and telling their story. The result of listening to customers (and this is done with a broad range of techniques) is to make organizations more competitive, help them to add more value to their customers and become more innovative.

Marièlle masters many techniques to collect relevant customer insights, like customer-interviews, data analytics, focus group discussions, customer listening sessions, and mystery guest research. These insights are translated into relevant, winning value propositions, marketing and/or customer strategies and marketing plans. Often this also leads to sales and marketing optimization and the innovation of both business models and products and services.

Customer Experience Management

The goal of Customer Experience Management is to meet and exceed customer expectations in a consistent way at all touchpoints with an organization (digital and offline). In this way organizations are able to increase their customer’s satisfaction. In the end satisfied customers are much more loyal, recommend brands to friends and colleagues and are willing to pay a better price. Customer Experience Management is a strategy that requires process optimization and different tactics to achieve results.


Mariélle is a Certified Customer Experience Professional and member of the CXPA.

Certified Customer Experience Professionial

The CCXP credential demonstrates that Marièlle is a professional with the experience, education and competency to lead and direct customer experience strategy, programs, and projects. It also guarantees that she has theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the six required disciplines of Customer Experience Management:

  • Voice of the Customer, Customer Insight, and Understanding
  • Customer Experience Strategy
  • Organizational Adoption and Accountability
  • Experience Design, Improvement, and Innovation
  • Metrics, Measurement, and ROI
  • Customer-Centric Culture

Project Management Professional Certification

Marièlle is also a certified project manager (PMP), which means she is a skilled project manager, experienced with agile way of working and scrum method
and as such has experience in initiating and planning a project, and also executing, monitoring and controlling the project and bringing it to a successful closure.

What we stand for:

Marinellity values the following principles when doing business with our customers:

  • We strive to add value for our customers and make a difference.
  • We put the customer’s interests first and strive for high quality of our services.
  • We are honest, transparent and ethical. We are willing to listen, learn and develop.
  • We apply a high level of integrity and will look after your interests as if they were ours. Your secrets are safe with us.
  • We stimulate new ideas and creativity both for the customer and for our own portfolio.

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