Marinellity is specialized in bringing you the customer insights that help you to improve your organization in a way that you increase your Sales and Marketing efficiency and create higher customer experience.

Improved Sales & Marketing efficiency is the result of being so close to the market, that you catch the full potential of your market. You attract more customers, generate more and better leads and increase your conversion. You have been able to design such a unique value proposition that your sales people don’t need to talk discounts on your price, but talk value instead.

Higher Customer Experience is made possible, because you know your customers’ pains and you have the cure for that. You deliver what you promise and exceed your customers expectations. The result is not only higher Customer Experience, but also a high retention rate, long-term customer relationships, and high customer loyalty.

True customer insights also deliver you better internal collaboration because of an increased customer awareness and a shared understanding of customer requirements. You are also able to make fact-based decisions and ride the waves of the changing environment. Last but not least, you realize sustainable business success.

Customer Awareness & Insights

Create awareness why customer understanding is so important. Identify areas for improvement. Provide insight into the needs and behaviors of the various customer groups during the customer journey at the most important touch points.

Understanding your customer’s expectations.

Attract new customers.

Identify new opportunities and leads.
Value Proposition & Offering Innovation

Formulate relevant customer value propositions for customer problems of various target groups. Improve customer engagement during all phases of the customer journey and the customer life cycle.

Understanding the customer’s pains, gains and jobs-to-be-done.
Customer Loyalty

Customer Relationship Management

Identify loyalty drivers. Increase retaining existing customers. Increase business at the customer (cross and upsell).

Understanding your customer’s loyalty drivers.

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