Supplier engagement and customer experience connected

I usually write about how customer understanding can help organizations to create customer engagement and deliver an excellent customer experience. This time is a little different, still it serves the same end-goal! Today I start at the other end of the chain – the supplier.

Recently we had an appointment at Meyer Werft in Papenburg. Here we learned how Supply Chain Management at Meyer Werft encourages their many suppliers to all meet that one and the same delivery date of that new cruise vessel. Our contact at the yard explained how this enables Meyer to create that excellent experience for the end-customer. They have really impressive processes and procedures in place to mitigate and prevent the risks in their supply chain – all for the purpose of delivering what was promised and on schedule.

Supplier Total Engagement Program – STEP

Also impressive is our Supplier Total Engagement Program (STEP), specially developed for organizations, that are dependent on their suppliers for a great deal of their value to the end-customer. We know from our experience that it is not enough to have processes and procedures in place and focus on the usual performance criteria like quality and reliability. Of course you need to have these basic hygiene factors in place. We at Marinellity challenge organizations to be more ambitious than that and grow business success through engaging your suppliers – binding them to your organization by sharing, connecting and trust.

Benefits of supplier engagement

When you are able to fully engage with your suppliers, they will love to work for and with you and walk that extra mile for you. They will speak highly of you and give you free publicity. Of course they provide you the quality they promised and yes, they will deliver on time. And they will do so much more for you. They improve your productivity. Their knowledge transfer makes you more competitive. They share their technology with you, co-create with you and drive your innovation. If you share with them – they share with you. Your suppliers are a very important part of your chain to customer satisfaction and business growth.

Our Supplier Total Engagement Program (STEP) is based on proven methods and tactics from employee and customer engagement. We are more than happy to explain how you can optimize your results by engaging your supplier base. We take STEP by step, of course.

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Posted on 2019 okt 21.