Market Intelligence

The aim of our market intelligence is to help you increase revenue by entering new markets or improving performance in existing markets.

Market intelligence also helps you to optimize your portfolio, because it provides your company with information on the external market environment, including market size, competitive activity, trends in product or service sales, and market growth. Our independent and effective market intelligence can increase your sales opportunities and minimize the risk of failure by helping you tailor products to meet customers’ needs.

Data sources we dig into.

We can be analyzing sales records and published market research reports for you, interviewing customers and prospects, and searching for market information online. Market intelligence best is performed as a continuous activity that enables you to track changes in the market and adapt your sales and marketing to the new environment. To help you monitor your market continuously we can agree on some form of subscription based service.

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Data driven efficiency.

Our market intelligence makes you smarter. We provide you unprecedented knowledge. We ensure you accelerate your market insights from a wide range of information sources. Access to cutting-edge strategic intelligence approaches, methods, and technologies, to objectively mine, analyze, and predict trends, and ultimately accelerate time to insights 

More relevant

Data-enhanced Customer Experience.

Our market intelligence makes you more relevant because we provide your a 360° view on your customers and their business context by a smart combination of your internal and external data.

Sell better

Data-derived growth.

With market intelligence you will be able to sell better. We reveal to you possible blind spots in the market and with your customers. Opportunities and leads you otherwise might have missed. We predict future events and investments in the market and at at your customers. A perfect conversation starter and ice-breaker in early engagement. Marinellity provides you a competitive advantage. Insights in your competitors and possible disruptors.  

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