Market Intelligence

MARINELLITY has a partnership with the start-up Brainial. Together we offer you the enterprise-wide market and customer intelligence software worldwatch.

The worldwatch system is pre-trained especially for your industry and learns and improves to understand your domain with each interaction and training session. Resulting in trained domain models that can interpret new incoming data and events.
Worldwatch is mostly a self-service system, after we have done the onboarding and basic setup of the system(adding and linking your data, customers, competitors, products, terms & concepts, taxonomies and some basic training of the AI model).
Worldwatch is a SaaS cloud based product with integrations like:

  • CRM integration (e.g., Microsoft Dynamics)
  • Push messages for important signals (mail or into CRM)
  • Any source or database (based on customization)

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Worldwatch makes your organization:


Data driven efficiency.

Worldwatch makes you smarter. It provides you unprecedented knowledge. It accelerates market insights from a wide range of traditional and non-traditional data sources, such as news and journals, patents, academic papers, government regulatory filings, and social media. Access to cutting-edge strategic intelligence approaches, methods, and technologies, to objectively mine, analyze, and predict trends, and ultimately accelerate time to insights 

More relevant

Data-enhanced Customer Experience.

Worldwatch makes you more relevant because it provides a 360° view on your customers and their business context by a smart combination of your internal and external data.

Sell better

Data-derived growth.

Worldwatch helps you to sell better. It reveals to you possible blind spots in the market and with your customers. Opportunities and leads you otherwise would have missed. Predicts future events and investments in the market and at your customers. A perfect conversation starter and ice-breaker in early engagement. Provides you a competitive advantage. Insights in your competitors and possible disruptors.  

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