Customer Insights

To communicate with your customers, you need to understand them and know what is relevant for them.

What insights can you gain from analyzing customer data? Analytics can be a gateway for improved customer service experiences and build on existing brand relationships.

Customer insights to drive customer engagement and interactions

Gain insight from existing data and use data to find trends in how your customers interact with your business. Translate the information to optimize the overall customer experience. Evaluate when customers make purchases (Customer Journey), the frequency of interactions and purchases, and analyze the customer’s average spend. By understanding this type of information, your business gains perspective for innovating a product or service line.

Collect feedback to identify customer preferences

Surveys, interviews, and focus groups may provide additional insight into customer perceptions of your brand, products, and services in the marketplace. These tactics may also uncover problems you didn’t know you had, allowing you to develop solutions that will improve customer perceptions and experiences.

Re-design your customer experience

Based on the critical insights gained from analyzing your customers’ preferences, you identify target areas for change, improvement and opportunities.

MARINELLITY offers the following services regarding customer insights:
  • Exploration and analysis of your available data.  Identification of gaps in information and insights, advice how to bridge the gap, and providing a 360° customer view.
  • Customer listening through Voice-of-the-Customer programs, containing customer surveys (NPS), interviews, focus group discussions,  and mystery guest research.
  • Customer understanding through the development of customer segmentation models & (enterprise) buyer personas, Customer Journey Mapping, and touch point analysis

Customer insights bring your organization and your processes closer to the customer with the result of:

Happy Customer

High Customer Experience is made possible, because Marinellity gives you the insights about your customers’ pains and gains. You learn what they need and what value you can offer to make them happy. Your customer base will be more stable, your customers loyal and your sales will go up, because they will buy more from you.

Happy Sales & Marketing

Because of better insights you are able to catch the full potential of your market. You attract more customers, generate more and better leads and turn these into satisfied customers. Your value proposition stands out and your sales people don’t need to talk discounts on your price, but talk value instead.

Happy Organization

Better internal collaboration is possible because of an increased customer awareness, a shared understanding of customer requirements and talking the same language. You are able to make fact-based decisions and ride the waves of the changing environment, resulting into sustainable business success.

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