What makes SMALL data BIG?

Data is all around us. There is a lot of focus on big data for obvious reasons as cost reductions, anticipating on market drivers and operational excellence improvements. Current technology enables us to recognize patterns in customer behavior through analyzing large amounts of (structured and unstructured) available data.

My advice to you for the year 2020 is to not just look at the big data, but also regularly ask your customers about their WHY.

WHY your customer feels what they feel and WHY they want what they want. This I call SMALL DATA – because it comes from listening to the customer on a one-to-one level.

You will experience that you unlock much more predictive value of your data when big and small data are combined. You become smarter, more relevant to your customers and sell better.

You fix complaints more quickly, give much more relevant answers to your customer’s questions, you take action and steer your brand reputation in the right direction and increase your organization’s agility enabling future innovations.

Listen to your customers and pick up the signals. SMALL data are of BIG importance.

I wish you all the best for 2020 and a lot of wisdom and success.

Best wishes, Marièlle


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Posted on 2020 jan 08.