Smarter, more relevant to your customers and sell better

For organizations wanting to outperform their competitors and amaze their customers MARINELLITY provides you the best market and customer understanding and build up your sales and marketing team’s performance fast and effective. We understand your business context – we are part of your industry for a very long time.



Identifying opportunities

60% of B2Bs are underperforming as a consequence of missing insights in customer needs.

We improve customer insights by:

  • listening to customers
  • 360 customer data analysis
  • segmentation + buyer personas
  • touchpoint analysis
  • customer journey mapping

Gain customer insights and act to their needs

Customer insights

More relevant

Customer value

Companies that offer products and services that add value to their customers will grow business fast.

We improve your value by:

  • pains + gains analysis
  • jobs-to-be-done analysis
  • value proposition development

Start using AI and outperform your market

Market intelligence

Sell better


Engaged customers shorten your sales cycles, recommend you to friends and colleagues, come back to you and spend more.

We increase sales & marketing efficiency by:

  • defining customer strategy
  • voice-of-the-customer program
  • business model innovation
  • strong market positioning
  • go-to-market plans

Challenge us with your special request

Marketing planning

About Marinellity

MARINELLITY is a professional consultancy organisation for Marketing Planning and Customer Experience Management. It is founded by Marièlle Butter-Timmermans. She started MARINELLITY because of her belief in the force of the customer as the main driver behind business success and her fascination for manufacturing companies in general and the maritime industry in particular.

Marièlle is an experienced strategic marketing and certified customer experience professional and has worked in several industries sharing her knowledge and expertise. Because of her long experience in the maritime industry, her heart belongs to this industry, and her work doesn’t limit itself to this sector.


Our customers

At SCHOTTEL we aim to maintain a leader position in the market for intelligent marine propulsion solutions. Our focus is on providing customer value through smart solutions that benefit our customer operations. We asked Marinellity to work with us on customer segmentation for our services business. Marièlle is a very committed and experienced professional who gave us some good insights on a smarter segmented approach in the market. With the segmented approach our services will be more aligned with specific customer needs.

Hans C. Laheij

deputy CEO & President Marine at SCHOTTEL

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